About Carrie

CarrieKoester2016Headshot-DeviPridePhotography3.web.bwSince discovering yoga for the first time, Carrie Renee has been pursuing her fascination of the human body and how it can serve as a vehicle for greater awakening and understanding in life. As a healing practitioner, Carrie meets and treats the whole person. Through Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Massage, Maya Abdominal Massage, Yoga, Pilates, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Solsara, and Hakomi she teaches deep relaxation, resilience, self-study, psycho-somatic movement, and core-strength based exercise. Because we each are such intricate creatures and our physical bodies are often reflections of our thoughts and emotions, she encourages co-creative dialog to uncover what type of care is suitable for each session. She comes to each session with a variety of simple, yet engaging modalities, over 15 years of experience, and a kind heart.

(photo by Devi Pride)

Somatic Counseling

Solsara     Hakomi     Mindfulness     Self-Inquiry


Deep Tissue     Relaxation     Thai Massage     Maya Abdominal Massage     Prenatal & Postpartum Doula


Yoga     Pilates     Dance     Self expression

Carrie has been studying health and wellness since 1997.  She began her own yoga practice in college and completed a yoga teacher-training program during her travels to India in Fall of 2000 at the Yoga Training Center.  After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree from Goddard College in the Health Arts and Sciences program in 2002, she moved to Oregon and worked as a manager and receptionist at several successful wellness centers in Portland and was introduced to chiropractic medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, naturopathic medicine, herbs, and energy work.  In 2005, she completed her Stott Pilates certification and started her private practice.

Carrie continued her study of the body at the Oregon School of Massage and graduated in 2007 with a specialty focus on Thai massage.  From 2008-2010, she studied yoga intensively with Sarahjoy Marsh at amrita: a sanctuary for yoga in SW Portland. 

In addition, Carrie has been participating in emotional wellness courses called Solsara since 2001, and has been facilitating these courses since 2014.   Solsara is a practice of deepening into our authentic selves and learning how to be radically honest, aware, and connected to our essence, while in relation with each other.  It helps us to illuminate the limiting beliefs, judgements, and fears that keep us separate and isolated, so that we may know ourselves better and identify key moments when we can instead, find the courage to choose love, understanding, and connection.  

Most recently, she has been certified as a practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage and a Holistic Doula .  Today, she continues to take classes and trainings in all of these fields, in addition to The Hakomi Method, a mindfulness, somatic and experience-based approach to change.

Oregon License #15009