Massage is time for you to receive.  Leave your lists and tasks behind and enter a space for you to replenish your well being.  With firm and attentive touch, your body will relax into its natural ability to heal.  When we surrender, our nervous and immune systems can do their job, which is to  keep you thriving.

Massage will help you

• reduce stress and anxiety  • release muscle tension and pain • lower blood pressure
• increase circulation • promote relaxation • improve immune response • overcome headaches • feel more energetic • gain a sense of well being

Table Massage is  deeply nourishing.  With soothing , aromatic oils, Therapeutic techniques are used to encourage softening of the muscle tissue, release of tension, increased circulation, and emptying of the mind.  From Deep Tissue to gentle Relaxation Massage, Carrie will find just the right pressure to relieve you from physical discomfort, as well as provide a nourishing space for you to release emotional and metal fatigue.

Often Thai Massage is described as “having yoga done to you.”  With a series of rhythmic compressions, pressure point therapy,  and passive stretching, Thai massage will leave you feeling increased interconnectedness throughout throughout your body and a relaxed, yet energized sense of well being.  Thai massage is practiced on a thin futon mat on the floor.  The client wears comfortable exercise clothes for relaxed movement during the session.