“Massage and movement are an essential part of health. They allow us time to connect to our bodies and our deeper selves. I am consistently in awe of the body and it’s naturally ability to heal itself.  I am honored to support my clients as we learn together, to listen and respond to the wisdom of healing that we each carry.”


Table Massage
Carrie offers Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Relaxation massage on a standard massage table and often blends techniques from each of these methods, as well as Thai massage.   Massage is a chance to slow down and empty, to learn how to receive and let go.  During massage sessions, Carrie integrates various techniques to create a deeply healing experience for her clients.  She invites you to experience it for yourself.

Thai Massage
Thai massage is practiced on a thin futon mat on the floor.  The client wears comfortable exercise clothes.  Often, Thai Massage is described as “having yoga done to you.”  With a series of rhythmic compressions and passive stretching, Thai massage leaves the client feeling increased interconnectedness throughout their bodies and a relaxed, yet energized sense of well being.


“As any practice does, my relationship to yoga, movement, and teaching has evolved greatly over the years.  I have studied many forms of yoga without ever choosing to focus on solely one translation.  Currently, my teaching is mostly informed by my Pilates training and my study with Sarahjoy Marsh, MA, RYT at amrita: a sanctuary for yoga which has included much influence from Anusara Yoga and Physical Therapy practices. I am most passionate about helping people feel, and communicate with their bodies and learn how to respond accordingly.  I especially enjoy teaching beginners and special populations with a focus on heart-centered listening, therapeutics, alignment, and self-compassion.”

Group Classes

Body Mechanics: Yoga Fusion – Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm

Shine Yoga: Integrative Strength and Stability – Thursdays 9:00-10:00am

Carrie is a dynamic, yet gentle movement instructor.  She seamlessly blends the best of Yoga and Pilates into classes that are instructional and integrative.  She often teaches using exercise balls, Bosus, Therabands, yoga blocks, and yoga straps as tools to access specific muscle groups.  Her clients leave her classes feeling relaxed, toned, and with increased ease in their body and mind.

Private and Semi-private Lessons

Private Lessons offer an opportunity for Carrie and her clients to look at specific areas of the body or movement patterns that are either causing discomfort, creating imbalance, or are in need of strengthening or flexibility.  Clients receive the most individualized and effective care with the attention and fine tuning offered in private lessons.

Semi-private Lessons offer more specialized focus than a group class and also include a fun movement companion, often a spouse, friend, or family member.