Somatic Counseling

Life is a practice.  Our greatest leaps occur when we dare to explore our perceived limitations and step boldly into the vision of who we wish to be.  Honest exploration of those limits requires courage, vulnerability, and a sense of humor.

Together we will inquire into:

• limiting beliefs and how they affect      you
• attachment and grasping
• your body’s physical indications
• healthy emotional expression
• achieving goals; family, career,            personal
• relationships
• conflict resolution
• self care practices
• living your vision

You will leave feeling more relaxed, clear, and motivated to collaborate with life.  Your resistance will dissolve, your inspiration will emerge, and you’ll find you have more time and energy to enjoy life.


“In an evolutionary context,
the goal of the spiritual life is not peace; it’s perpetual development. It’s about the ecstasy that compels us to create the future. And it’s not a future that’s going to unfold by itself, it’s a future that we must create through direct, conscious, intentional engagement with the
life-process itself.” 

– Andrew Cohen